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Saigon Coffee – Calling for coffee enthusiasts, let’s join to try a traditional Vietnamese recipe, Saigon Coffee. What is Saigon coffee? What is Saigon coffee from? Are there any benefits for the body? What makes Saigon coffee houses crowded? What is different about others? Is that kind of coffee trending recently?

We understand. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, you probably have a lot of questions about it, like these or maybe more. However, this coffee makes you curious, right? Well, to answer your curiosity, let’s explore this article and do a deep dive into it. Keep reading!

What is Saigon coffee?

Basically, Saigon coffee is the name of the original coffee from Vietnam. It typically consists of strong Vietnamese coffee brewed through a metal drip filter called a phin. Then, it sits on top of a cup containing condensed milk. When the coffee drips over slowly, it will result in a rich and creamy beverage. And that is the characteristic feature of this type of coffee.

Then, in San Diego and Poway, there are coffee shops with Vietnamese culture that have a special taste. Built by a Vietnamese brother-sister who lives in the US, they introduce an original family recipe. A brother-sister, Vinh Duong and Tu Duong, who are the owners of Saigon Coffee, tell how they can open their coffee shop and sell it to US people who may be unfamiliar with the taste.

Saigon coffee making

It begins when a brother-sister feels missed by a coffee that their mom used to make for them when they lived in Vietnam. They know that the original recipe that their mom used makes it difficult to find this kind of coffee in the USA. Finally, they decided to recreate the original recipe by their mom and thought, “Why not share the mom’s recipe for coffee?”. After much discussion and preparation, in 2012, they created Saigon Coffee at the Hillcrest Farmers Market.

Saigon Coffee wants all people to know if they have an original iced coffee recipe from Vietnam that is delicious. Since then, to maintain the original flavor of the coffee, it has been brewed with Phin’s – the old-fashioned way. At that moment, they realized if that way was too slow, but they believed that that way would make the coffee have a unique and rich flavor.

What Makes Saigon Coffee House Crowded?

If you are wondering about this kind of coffee being so crowded if they are unfamiliar, how come? Or are they just curious? If yes, how did Saigon Coffee become popular in three places? Have you no idea? Let’s deep dive into it!

As we discussed before, Vinh Duong and Tu Duong want to introduce the original Saigon coffee with the authentic taste that they have. Phin filters are the key to delicious coffee. Whether brewing authentic Vietnamese coffee is slow, they choose to use extra large Phins, which help to brew beans about quartz. And each Phin’s takes 4 hours to brew the coffee to make the final cup of coffee.

And you know what? Because of this culture, the customers are drawn to the opportunity to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture only through the coffee-drinking experience. They thought, “A cup of coffee is too long to wait, but diverse because the taste offers the best result.”

The flavors of the coffee offer a unique character due to their robustness and sweetness. Then the result appeals to a wide range of palates. Moreover, the ambiance of Saigon Coffee House provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. All places can be used to socialize, study, or simply enjoy a cup of the coffee.

What is the Best Seller on the Saigon Coffee Menu?

As we know from the website, Saigon Coffee offers several Vietnamese drinks, from coffee to tea. The original iced coffee, which is legendary on the menu of this coffee shop, is Famous Saigon Coffee. This menu is an original iced coffee blend that they have been serving since 2012. This menu is still a best seller, even though it has three places.

Apart from Famous Saigon Coffee, there are other original iced menus, such as pure black and vegan coconut. Pure black is pure bold coffee that, in the process of being made, uses a signature phin brewing style. The other one is Vegan Coconut. This original coffee blends perfectly with coconut condensed milk and coconut creamer. These tastes are not like “common coffee,” but unique and perfect.

“Are there only three kinds of coffee?” Of course not!

You can also try the other recipe of Saigon coffee that stays signature Vietnamese style. Like Hainoi Egg Coffee, you can taste a unique drink from Hanoi Egg Cream with pasteurized eggs. The other most popular coffee is Carmel Iced. On this menu, the owner chose to mix original coffee with delicious caramel.

“What if I don’t like coffee? Or I can’t drink coffee?” Easy! Saigon Coffee also offers iced tea menus that are also interesting to drink. They have peach iced, lemonade iced, and strawberry iced, with each menu not too sweet in taste.

Lastly, if you want to enjoy your coffee at home or another place, you can buy it in bottles, coffee beans, or coffee kits. Sounds great, huh?

Common Questions about Saigon Coffee

What are some popular accompaniments or snacks to enjoy with Saigon coffee?

Usually, you can enjoy the coffee with Vietnamese pastries, such as banh bao, banh pia, and banh cam. However, if you are interested in accompanying your Saigon coffee with other desserts or street snacks, that is also fine.

Are there any benefits for the body?

Definitely! The basics of coffee commonly offer a boost of energy, antioxidant properties, mood enhancement, and others. These benefits can also be felt when drinking a cup of Saigon coffee. Although they have a rich flavor, they also provide a satisfying and enjoyable sensory experience and social connection.

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