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Twisted Tea – Are you over 21 years old and like to party? What do you usually drink at parties? Or do you need to recommend a drink that makes you enjoy the party more? Or do you like to hunt for a drink? Do you want a drink that is also suitable for your other special day? A drink that puts you in a good mood? If you are a person in that situation, let’s go scroll through this article! We highly recommend a drink that helps your day. Go check out Twisted Tea.

Celebrating your special day surely needs several things to make it more special. Moreover, at that moment, you will gather with your special guests, such as family, friends, or colleagues. Apart from a place that must be proper and special, the served food, dishes, and drinks are also important. Because the party is without food and drink, it feels like something is missing. So, from there, we are happy to introduce you to a special drink, Twisted Tea.

What is Twisted Tea?

Twisted tea is the number one hard tea that can make your special day more special and festive. So, basically, twisted tea is the perfect combination between traditional iced tea, natural flavors, and fun. This refreshing drink is essentially an alcoholic version of traditional iced tea but closer to beer than its hard liquor.

These drinks are typically combined with a base alcohol that is brewed (like beer) with real black tea, citrus flavors, and sweeteners, resulting in a refreshing and slightly sweet beverage with a kick. Twisted tea offers various flavors and alcohol content options to suit different preferences.

Did you know the first time Twisted Tea was introduced in 2001, they got many bad reactions? By the Boston Beer Company, they received many reactions from customers. A lot of them may have been skeptical or unsure about the concept of these drinks. However, as the brand gained popularity and more people tried it, it became widely appreciated for its unique flavor profile and refreshing quality. Even now, Twisted Tea has more positive reactions, and success leads to the market.

Does Twisted Tea Have Caffeine?

According to their website, Twisted Tea contains some caffeine, but much less than a cup of coffee. Because they use real tea leaves, the caffeine is less strong than in a common cup of coffee, even about 70 mg. They explain that if a 12 oz, a serving of Twisted Tea has about 30 mg of caffeine, which is this number less than coffee, which averages about 100 mg.

How to Enjoy Twisted Tea?

For sure, enjoying these tea at the best time during social gatherings is great. Refreshing with laughter and special guests are the best situations to make the atmosphere feel warm and happy. Then exactly what social gatherings make you enjoy these drinks? Let’s go check below:


For some people, barbecuing with family may be something commonly done. However, in the adult section, this can be an expensive moment for a family because of each person’s busy schedule. You can spend time with family at barbecues on weekends while enjoying Twisted Tea.

Twisted tea is diverse for accompanying you and your family to enjoy that moment. Imagine that in the evening or at night, with stars in the sky, you and your family laugh and hold Twisted Tea.


The other activity that you can do is enjoy these drinks when you have picnics. Why? Picnics often involve spending time outdoors with family or friends. Commonly, during picnics, you enjoy food and drinks in a casual setting. Twisted Tea, as a flavored beverage, can add to the enjoyment of such gatherings by offering a refreshing and flavorful drink option. Moreover, its variety of flavors can enhance the overall experience of socializing and relaxing outdoors.

Birthday Party

Commonly, when you celebrate your birthday, what kinds of drinks do you provide for your guests? Ice lemon? Whiskyy? Beer? Or something else? If you have not tried Twisted Tea before, maybe your next birthday party is the right time!

Twisted Tea with flavorful beverage options ensures that your guests can enjoy themselves while celebrating. Whether it’s a casual backyard gathering or a more formal indoor party, Twisted Tea can add to the festive atmosphere and provide a tasty alternative to traditional drinks.

Farewell Party

The other idea that you must take Twisted Tea is a farewell party. These drinks can be a delightful addition to the celebratory atmosphere as friends and colleagues gather to bid farewell to someone. The nice taste of these drinks provides a good mood and an enjoyable atmosphere during the party. Don’t worry about the nutrition, because it has no fat.

So, there are several activities that we highly recommend for you while enjoying these drinks. Twisted Teas’s campaign allows you to share your special moments spent with them. From there, you can see how many people were enjoying these drinks. 

Common Questions about Twisted Tea

How about the drink nutrition facts?

Twisted tea is typically hard-iced and has a lot of flavor to pamper your taste buds. One of people’s favorite flavors is original. According to the data, in its original taste. It contains 25.9 g of total carbs, 25.9 g of net carbs, and 194 g of calories. While, for fat and protein, they claim, each has 0 g.

For supplemental, they have 3.4 mg of calcium and 0 mg of Iron. Then, potassium for each 12 fl oz or 355 ml of liquid has 271 mg and sodium 8.1 mg.

Is Twisted Tea gluten-free?

Nope! Actually, these products contain ingredients derived from milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, or soy. And, these ingredients contain all styles that make all variants contain gluten.

For buying the drink, you can go offline at their store or online on their website. However, for online buyers, you need to check the website before. Not only drinks, but you can order their march as well.

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