Roasting Perfection: The Story Behind Volcano Coffee

Volcano coffee

Volcano Coffee – Are you the team for coffee or tea? If the answer is coffee, when enjoying your coffee, do you prefer it at home in the morning or after daily activity at the cafe? Or are you the type of individual who enjoys hunting coffeeshops? Do you need a place that offers a delicious menu? Don’t worry, let’s look at Volcano Coffee Works!

What is Volcano Coffee? Is it a coffee shop, a coffee company, or a coffee brand? Maybe between you, it is unfamiliar when you hear that name. Well, Volcano Coffee began with the founder, Kurt Stewart, wanting to show the world a better coffee. He, with a vintage Italian Piaggio Ape, tried and errored the special recipe of coffee. However, he hasn’t stopped. From there, he decided to start a coffee company with his own original recipe.

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Apart from the coffee brand and coffee company, Volcano Coffee Works also opened the cafe to make coffee enthusiasts feel the cup of coffee fresh from the owner. The cozy place that they offer can also make everybody around there enjoy it.

Also, as a coffee enthusiast, you commonly want to try more coffee recipes, even the rare ones. Recently, the owner, Kurt Stewart, also decided to open Door Coffee Bar and collaborated with Assembly coffee to open a public outlet. They focus on specialty coffee through a variety of brewing methods. 

volcano coffee blog

Is Volcano Coffee Good?

Definitely! Recipes for Volcano Coffee are a match for everyone! The excellent coffee has rich and bold flavors. They offer a unique and satisfying coffee-drinking experience. Its volcanic origins contribute to the coffee’s distinct taste profile, characterized by deep, complex flavors and a smooth finish. You can prove it when you take a sip of coffee in any of its variants.

When you visit their website, you can see the reviews from many customers. From there, we know that average people give 4.7 stars for the coffee experience and the services. Do you know? For making all customers enjoy and taste their coffee, they also give a free coffee pack for the subscription.

Volcano Coffee Works offers a wide range of different tastes of coffee. Furthermore, they ensure consistency in the quality of each coffee bean. Either you buy online or at the store, you can get good service and good prices. Therefore, when you drink the coffee, you can enjoy the water and release your emotions.

What is Volcano Coffee Offered?

Volcano Coffee provides a diverse range of offerings to cater to coffee enthusiasts and aspiring baristas alike. Firstly, they offer their unique and meticulously crafted coffee recipes. They have special grounds for the coffee beans to make sure the maintenance is good. These signature blends boast rich flavors and aromatic profiles, ensuring a delightful coffee experience with every sip.

Overall, they offer many coffee products that you can order. There are the mount blend, delta blend, and others. If this is the first time you have tasted it and are wondering what you must order? You can try their best-selling coffee first. It includes The Mount Blend, Firehouse Blend, Sombra, or Coffee Tin. 

For maximizing your taste of coffee at home, you can order the perfect Sage machines. They offer 4 recommended machines, such as Sage Bambino, Sage Barista Express, Sage Barista Express Impress, and Sage the Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder. For sure, each type has different specifications that you need. Also, when you choose from these types, you can get 5 months of free coffee and a gift pack worth up to £150. Fantastic right? Not only that, you also get a 30-day risk-free return and a full refund if you don’t love your coffee.

Additionally, for the stylish look, Volcano Coffee extends its brand through a line of merchandise. From stylish tote bags to trendy caps, their merchandise collection allows customers to showcase their love for coffee culture in style. These items are not only fashionable but also serve as a statement of one’s appreciation for quality coffee and craftsmanship. Moreover, they chose a neutral color making it easy for customers to mix and match the fashion.

Furthermore, the last one is important if you want to start a coffee business. Yap, they go beyond just serving coffee by offering educational opportunities through their “Barista Masterclass” course. This workshop provides aspiring baristas with the knowledge and skills needed to master the art of coffee-making. Participants can learn about different brewing techniques, espresso extraction methods, and more under the guidance of experienced instructors.

How Do I Buy Volcano Coffee Products?

What is your favorite time to enjoy a cup of coffee? In the morning? During work? Or after work? Then, where is your favorite spot to enjoy it? Are you the typical person who wants to spend time at a coffee shop? Or at home chatting together with someone, telling you about your activity? Wherever your favorite, we just inform you if you can taste a Volcano Coffee together with someone in your favorite space. Either you like it in the cafe, at home, on your way, or others.

Volcano Coffee Works makes it easy for all coffee enthusiasts to offer their product online or offline. You can order their products, even coffee or merchandise, from their website. Moreover, they also offer you free shipping for the UK area if you order £40.

Common Questions about Volcano Coffee

Where is Volcano Coffee located?

It is a happy place when you visit their cafe. Come to the West Norwood Volcano Cafe. Also just metres away from where it’s been roasted is Volcano Coffee Works Cafe, SE21 8EN.

Are they accepted for shipping internationally?

Of course! They also accepted international orders for any European or rest of the world. However, because each country has strict importing regulations, for more information, you can contact them.

There are a lot of fun facts about local coffee shops in the UK. You can also get more information about coffee or tea by visiting the 3kups website!

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