What is White Tea Shot – Ultimate Guide

White Tea ShotWhite Tea Shot

White Tea Shots is increasing in popularity since 2018. It was first introduced by Jameson Irish Whiskey. They are an increasing trend in the Eastern and Southeastern United States with Florida being the most active state putting these tasty little beverages to the sip. White Tea Shots are getting more popular in drier states like California. White Tea Shot made with a basic combination of Sour Mix, Vodka, peach schnapps and a splash of lemonade.

Taste of White Tea Shots

It is crucial to Know the taste before trying it. White Tea is incredibly tasty. It tastes like fruit juice is sweet and tangy. It contains a Sweet and Sour mix and Peach lemon soda which could taste sour to some people. The peach Schnapps makes it tangy and sweeter, and the lemon adds citrus. In short, further change is made by adding any of them like Alcohol and vodka When you add vodka then the Flavour will be Vodka. Many people adore its Tangy Flavour.


Five ingredients are in the White Tea shot. If you know the right procedure and follow it you can make a perfect white tea shot within one minute.


For getting the taste of the other ingredients you will use unflavoured vodka. You can use any of your favourite brands.

Peach Schnapps

This peach-flavoured liqueur shooter works to balance out the sour mix and alcohol taste.

Lemon Lime Soda

After shaking you can add the 7 up, sprite or fresh lemon juice before the serving.

Simple Syrup

You have some options for this. You can use a homemade sour mix or simple syrup.

Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes are added in the final step to chill the drink

Kitchen Equipment

It does not require any special equipment you only have three things

1-Trendy Shot Glass

These are special glasses made to measure liquor, drinks, and spirits. Due to this reason, they are known as shot glasses. Moreover, using this glass is not important if you don’t have the budget. You can serve or drink in a common glass in your home or kitchen.

2-A Medium Size Cocktail Shaker

Mixing the ingredients becomes easier and well to get an accurate taste of this fruity drink when you buy a medium size cocktail shaker from the market.

3-High Quality Strainer

Strainer Will filter all the unnecessary stuff and give a pure fruity drink. It is good to buy a small-size strainer.

Recipe White Tea Shot

The recipe for the white tea shot is very simple and ready within 2 or 3 minutes. Step by step process is following

Ingredients add to a cocktail shaker

First of all, prepare all the ingredients which are used in white tea. Then add your favourite vodka, peach schnapps, and Sour into the cocktail shaker. All ingredients are mixed efficiently and then add the ice cubes.

Shake for Combine ingredients

Seal the cocktail shaker with the lid and then shake it. Tightly hold it with both hands and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. After mixing that add the lemon-lime soda and then strain the shot into your shot glasses.

Benefits of White Tea Shot

For Improve the Flavour of White tea some people add honey or add lemon juice. This includes a boost to the immune system and loss the weight. When you drink white tea shot you feel it enhances energy and alertness. It prevents heart disease. it has fewer calories. The young generation enjoys it since it is an alcoholic beverage but tastes in different choices. The beverage is offered at college parties or other gatherings for young people.

White tea shot is available at a reasonable price. It depends upon the variety of ingredients at various points’ prices.

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Disadvantages of White Tea Shot

The disadvantages of White Tea  Are the Following;

White Tea Shot contains caffeine, which has some side effects like insomnia in some people and increased heart rate.

Drinking too much White Tea can cause kidney stones. Excess of White Tea Shot damages your liver because White Tea Shot has a high concentration of oxalate.  Drinking too much white tea may cause skin irritation.


If you taste this, then you will become an admirer of this white tea. white tea gained lots of fans around the world due to its delicious taste. White tea shot is the drink there are several ways to take pleasure in a drink, hang out with friends or enjoy it at home with your partner. If you taste the other version of the white tea shot, then trust me you will love the delicious drink.


Q: How much white tea is Shot per day used?

You can use two to four cups per day. The best time to drink white tea is after every meal or in the morning.

Q: We can drink a white tea Shot before sleep?

White Tea leaves contain Caffeine. We want to drink white tea before bed this is not a good idea.

Q: Which people should avoid white tea Shots?

Following People who should avoid drinking white tea Shots:

People with a fever avoid the White Tea Shot because tea contains caffeine and it will increase your body temperature.

Patients of neurasthenia avoid the White Tea Shot.

Breastfeeding mothers and Patients with anaemia avoid drinking the White Tea Shot.

Q: Calories are in one White Tea shot?

Each White Tea shot contains around 75 calories. It is not too much but it depends on you how much you taking.



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