Exploring The World of Maca Coffee

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Maca Coffee

Herbal has been alternatively chosen for a long time by people to imboost their body. Not only as a beverage, herbal is a manifestation of cultural heritage and people can use it to ancient wellness practices as well. As you know, many herbal beverages that you find easily around you. One of herbs with mainstream beverages is maca coffee. In recent years, maca coffee stands at the forefront of trending. According to recent studies, maca is one of main ingredients for beverages that offer potential health benefits. Having its origins firmly entrenched in the Andean mountains of Peru, maca root (or main ingredients to make maca coffee) has been revered for centuries because of its adaptogenic properties. As a coffee enthusiast that is the first time to try this coffee, you need to know deep information about it. For more discerning about what you consume, let’s join us to deep explore about maca coffee, let’s discuss in this article!

Maca Coffee

What is Maca Coffee?

Maca coffee is a herbal drink that is made from the adaptogenic herb lepidium meyenii known as maca. Usually, maca is used as functional food and supplement ingredients. It’s true, maca is beneficial for reproductive health that has been consumed for a long time. Making your morning beverage by maca is easy. You only need maca root powder and hot water then mix it. But, some people prefer to add other herbs or ingredients for it, to create their own perfect taste to start their day. If you are wondering how the maca coffee tastes? It’s typically like a coffee. Maca is described as having nutty flavor and caramel undertones. For some people might be familiar with this taste from their supplement or their herb drink. However, if you don’t like this taste, it may be helpful for you to add any ingredients, such as cocoa powder, milk or something else. You don’t need to worry after mixing it, because maca is typically easy to blend with any ingredients. Imagine you find any ingredients that match with your taste by mixing your maca coffee and you consume it in the morning to start your day, it’s how perfect your day will be.

Maca Energy Coffee – Benefits Of Maca Coffee

As we mentioned before, maca has potential health benefits. Only drinking maca root and hot water, you can get a benefit of energy and hormone balance on your body. According to one naturopathic doctor in Portland, he says if maca coffee is a match for your morning beverage. For your body, it can create more intentional support. Additionally, maca that blends into coffee, can reduce caffeine, which is the main contain of coffee, to avoid effects such as anxiety, insomnia, and rapid heartbeat. So, for beginners, it can be safe for you. Apart from avoiding anxiety, maca also address various symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and others. Maca supports hormonal balance that is beneficial for menopause transition. Drinking maca coffee for your daily routine can help your metabolism, bone health, and immune function, which is the task of copper and manganese that contain maca. Maca also contains iron that helps transport your oxygen to the blood in order to flow throughout the body. What is Maca Good for Sexual Function? Yes, maca have a positive effect on sexual function. In fact, several research about the effect of maca for sexual function has been through. Starting from 2001, in nine men of sample, maca over a four-month period improved semen production. Then, 2002, according to research, for a man, maca was proven to increase sexual desire. Next research in 2006, the result was that maca have an impact on increased sperm count in rats. Then, 2008, study showed that there was decreased sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women if they routine drink maca. From that, we know if maca is good for sexual function.

Additionally, sexual function is also connected with their mental condition. As you know, there are several factors that affect mental condition, such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and others. That can affect how you feel physically, including your sex drive and ability to enjoy sex. When you are stressed, it might be harder to get in the mood for sex. So, in this case, maca helps to reduce your stress and that is connected to your sexual function.

Commonly Questions about Maca Coffee

Is maca better morning or night?

Maca is recommended to consume in the morning. It is because maca contains energy boost throughout the day. If you consume it close to your sleep time, it can crash with your body because of the energy boost.

Can I consume maca on an empty stomach?

Yes! Maca can be ingested with food or without food. So, if you have an empty stomach, it’s fine. However, you must make sure if you don’t have any digestive sensitivities or concerns. For some people may experience digestive sensitivities when taking it without food. It’s recommended to consume maca after eating a bit of food.

Any side effects if I consume maca too much?

Essentially, maca is unlikely to cause any side effects or any health risks in most people. However, you must be aware of your body if you find a weird symptom after consuming maca. Immediately consult a doctor regarding this matter. There is detailed information about maca coffee that you must know. For beginners, remember to always update information before consuming and be aware of your condition before you make this drink as a part of your daily routine. Even maca has no risk, but for some individuals it can be different. Keep mindful of the many benefits for maca coffee.

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