How to Process Coffee Beans at Home

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Coffee Beans

Whoever knows about the most favorite beverage of people around the world? Definitely, it’s coffee. Coffee is a drink that accompanies you to do your daily activity. This beverage is the result of ground coffee beans with hot water. For some individuals, they also prefer to add some sugar for a sweet taste or butter. In recent years, with innovation, any recipe of coffee you can try. Even if you enjoy it in a cafe or even at home. Especially when at home, you can explore any recipe that you are curious about. But, you must know the things that you need to understand how to keep your coffee fresh. The solution is about how to grind coffee beans without using a grinder, we will discuss it as well. Join us to explore the facts about coffee beans, if you want to save it yourself. Let’s read!

How to Grind Coffee Beans?

Basically, grinding coffee beans is easy. You only need a coffee grinder, and then just use that. However we understand, for people who want to make it at home, only several of them have that thing. To defeat it, you can also use a blender, food processor or use your hand. Here are several things that you need to take note of grinding beans without a grinder, keep reading! Using a blender. Might you think it is easy to grind coffee beans with a blender. You only put the beans and then turn on the blender. In this way, you are right. But, you need to pay attention to the ground size. Sometimes when you grind without using a “grind” setting on your blender, the possibility that the coffee beans have not been perfectly crushed. For people who haven’t blended with that setting, you can use a “pulse” setting to make sure. Probably it can take a long time to get a perfect result like using a grinder. Using a food processor. Similarly, grinding with a blender, using a food processor won’t be as good as a regular coffee grinder. Even since the circumference of the food processor, you will require more beans for it. Using your hand. This way is recommended for whoever uses a blender or food processor. This way will take your time longer and more energy than the other. They will require a bit of grit and persistence to achieve. For it, you can use a rolling pin, mortar, hammer, garlic press and hand mincer.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

Enjoying a cup (or more) of coffee at your home can be a great idea for your free-day. Moreover, you make that great coffee by hand. But, remember, if you must understand, for making it you need to keep the quality of the coffee beans. The level of fresh roasted coffee will retain the whole flavor and aromas. Of course it also influences a vibrant and delicious brew of the coffee. To help you get a high quality coffee at home, you must be aware of the beans’ condition. For people who store coffee beans at home, you need to understand how long the beans will stay fresh in your cabinet. Here is that you must pay attention to your “stock”. Make sure your beans stay fresh in the cabinet, you might need to check it. But, intensity when you check it, can influence the beans’ condition. Whole coffee beans usually last up to a whole year in a sealed package, with a note you must open it one week to a month once. Then, ground coffee beans can stay fresh only for a few months unopened. This is shorter than whole coffee beans, so ground coffee should be consumed within a few days once opened. However, we also recommend using fresh coffee beans before you consume it. That is because you can enjoy the aroma and taste while consuming.

Do Coffee Beans Go Bad?

As you know, everything has an expiration time, including coffee beans. Beans that you save on your store can go bad when they get exposed to moisture or contaminants. So, you need to make sure if your cabinet is proper. Poropering cabinets for beans are safe like they have no humid or warm environment. If your beans are contaminated with it, you let the oxygen and light enter. For sure it can affect mold growth there. Or if warm, influence the beans to speed up the stalling process. To prevent it, you can choose a proper storage that is dark, dry, airtight and safe to keep your coffee safely before you consume it. These tips are also important to get a quality of coffee while enjoying the reales benefit process to your body.

FAQs About Coffee Beans

Is hotter coffee better than ice?

Not really. It depends on each individual’s taste. For some individuals probably interested in a specific type of coffee and drinking it hot without sugar. The other peoples, interested in sweet iced coffee. So, it depends on each individual what way they want to consume.

Is coffee healthy?

Definitely! Coffee contains antioxidants and nutrients. According to studies, it has health benefits for several kinds of illness. For example, coffee can help you to reduce your stress, Alzheimer’s disease, even certain types of cancer. However, it is also with the right measure when consuming.

What are the most common coffee beans?

Actually, the most popular coffee beans in the world is arabica. Arabica is typically dark brown coffee with a smooth to the touch. This kind of coffee knows a variety of flavor profiles ranging when roasted, from slightly sweet to nutty. This coffee also can be the right choice to make in any recipe. However, it is a bit hard to find this coffee at the supermarket or coffee shop. Because many people consider the high quality of this coffee.

So, now you know more details about coffee beans. Copy that you get from this article to enjoying your coffee only at your home. More information about coffee, let’s visit our website!

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